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Application and Dosage of Several Food Grade Phosphate Chemicals release time: 2023-02-16

Application and Dosage of Several Food Grade Phosphate Chemicals


Sodium tripolyphosphate(STPP) 

Application: It is mainly used in the food industry as quality improver for canned products, dairy products, fruit juice drinks and soybean milk. Water retaining agent and tenderizer for meat products such as ham and luncheon meat; In the processing of aquatic products, it can not only play the role of water retention and tender, but also play the role of expansion and bleaching. In canned broad beans can soften the beans.In the beer industry,It can also be used as water softener, chelator, PH regulator and thickener. Sodium  Dosage :In food processing 3-5‰, and the maximum amount is 3% in aquatic products processing.


Tetra Sodium pyrophosphate (TSPP )

Application: Used in food processing as quality improver, emulsifying dispersing agent, buffer agent, chelating agent, etc., has the commonness of phosphate condensation, chelating and dispersing effect is obvious, can resist flocculation; Can prevent fat oxidation, casein viscidity and other effects. When PH value is high, it can inhibit food spoilage and fermentation. Mainly used for meat and aquatic products processing, can improve water retention, keep meat tender, stable natural pigment. Can also be used for starch manufacturing, and other condensed phosphate compound use.

Dosage :0.5-3‰ sodium pyrophosphate is added in food processing, and the maximum amount is 3% in aquatic product processing.


Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate (sodium acid pyrophosphate,SAPP )

Application: Used as fast starter, quality improver, leavening agent, buffer, chelating agent, rehydration agent and adhesive in food processing. It is used as the acidic component of the synthetic leavening agent such as bread and pastry, and the production time of CO2 is long. It is suitable for melting baked food (such as pancake) with less moisture content. It can be used as water retaining agent for cheese, luncheon meat, ham, meat products and aquatic products processing, as well as rehydration agent for instant noodles when mixed with other phosphates.

Dosage : 0.5-3‰ is added in food processing, and the maximum amount is 1% in aquatic product processing.


Sodium tetra-hexametaphosphate SHMP

Application: Used in food industry as quality improver, PH regulator, metal ion chelating agent, adhesive and expansion agent. In beans, cans, bean paste filling can stabilize the natural pigment, maintain color; It can emulsify the fat in the tin and keep the texture even. For canned meat and meat products can improve water retention, prevent fat spoilage. Add to the beer, can clarify the liquor, prevent turbidity. It is an excellent water softener without precipitation. It plays the role of water retention, expansion and bleaching in aquatic product processing.

Dosage : 3-5‰ in food processing, and the maximum added amount is 3% in aquatic product processing.

Sodium Pentamethiophosphate (STMP)

Application:  In the food industry as starch improver, juice beverage anti-turbidity agent, meat food processing water retention agent, binder, chelating agent, water quality softener, dispersant, ice cream, cheese and other dairy products stabilizer, in the processing of aquatic products play a bond and water retention role. It also prevents food discoloration and vitamin C breakdown.

Dosage : 3-5‰ is added in food processing, and the maximum amount is 3% in aquatic product processing.



Phosphoric acid (PA)

Application: Used in the food industry as sour flavor agent, nutritional starter, used in bread baking, canned fruit and vegetable characteristics of water retention agent, inhibit microbial growth, prolong the shelf life; Used in beverages, fruit juices, cocoa products, cheese and edible oils. It can be used for emulsification and acidification of cheese flavor.

Action: Used with antioxidants, can prevent lard and other animal fat and its products from oxidative rancidity; It can also be used for sucrose refining.

Dosage : 3-5‰ is generally added in food processing.


Trisodium Phosphate (Anhydrous TSP )

Application: Used in buffering agent, emulsifier, nutrition supplement in food industry; Prepare pasta as raw material of lye. Can also be used for saccharin refining and starch production and edible bottles, cans of detergent.

Dosage : In food processing, 3-5‰ is generally added, and the maximum amount is 1%.


Sodium aluminum phosphate acid (SALP)

Application:  Used in food industry as fried dough, baking food can be used as leavening agent. When added to feed, it can be used as a fat inhibitor in breeding industry and can effectively prevent the growth of livestock fat.

Dosage : In Add 1-2% in food processing.


Potassium tripolyphosphate (KTPP)

Application: Used as water retaining agent, tissue improver, chelating agent and water treatment agent in food processing. Widely used in meat soup, luncheon meat, cured meat and other meat products processing. Processing of frozen fish fillet, shrimp and other aquatic products and dairy products such as cream, milk powder, cheese, condensed milk, cream powder and so on. Potassium tripolyphosphate has excellent solubility and dissolution rate, using this product is higher than the use of traditional phosphate, and taste good.

Dosage :  The amount added in food processing is 3-5‰.


Sodium dihydrogen phosphate(MSP)

Application: Used in food industry as quality improver, PH regulator, buffer, emulsifying dispersant, nutrient supplement and moisture retention agent. Mainly used in cheese, beverage, jelly, tomato sauce, luncheon meat and meat marinade products, and can be used as a modified starch additive.

Dosage : The amount added in food processing is 3-5‰.


Disodium hydrogen phosphate(DSP) 

Application: Used in food industry as quality improver, PH regulator, nutrient supplement, emulsifying dispersant, fermentation agent, binder, etc. Mainly used in pasta, soy milk products, dairy products, meat products, cheese, beverages, fruit, ice cream and ketchup. Dosage : Add 3-5‰ in food processing.


Tetra Potassium pyrophosphate(TKPP)

Application:  Used in food industry as emulsifier, tissue improver, chelating agent, also as raw material of alkali water for flour products, combined with other condensed phosphate. Usually prevent canned aquatic products from producing struvite, prevent canned fruit from discoloration; Improve the expansion of ice cream; Improve the yield of ham and sausage and water retention of surimi; Improve noodle taste and increase yield, prevent cheese aging.

Dosage :Added amount in food processing: processed cheese is 9g/kg (calculated by phosphorus); Luncheon meat 3g/kg (calculated by P2O5); Frozen shrimp 5g/kg (P2O5).



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