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The development trend of Phosphate Chemical release time: 2022-08-10

The development trend of Phosphate Chemical


The global Phosphate chemical are always under fast growing,especially in Asia,North American countries.The phosphate chemical in feed,food,inflaming retarding,water treatment are growing the most fast.The phosphate chemical the electronic,pharmaceutic are in boarder application.


The marketing value of phosphate chemical is up to about 56 billion USD.The biggest market is Asia,European Countries and middle east countries,which take up about 90% of the whole world.American Countries take up about 10%.Henceforth,the developing countries are the mainly market in the future.


The feed grade phosphate chemical such as dicalcium phosphate,monocalcium phosphate,monodicalcium phosphate etc,no matter the capacity or the output quantity,has reach to the peak scale.The annual growth rate has been obviously decrease to less than 5% from more than 10%.The developing countries such as China,Brazil,India are with higher growth rate than developed countries.Whats noteworthy is that,as the improvement of feed technology,the phytase will be with more application which will restrict the further enlargement of feed grade phosphate chemical.


The food grade phosphate chemical maintain long-term steady growth.The marketing value food additive is up to 27 billion USD,and the food grade phosphate chemical takes up about 3% of the total food additive market value.China keep maintaining prosperous demand about 8%-18% annually.


The detergent grade phosphate chemical such as sodium triplyphosphate has been sharply decrease due to the environment-friendly policy and will keep the trend.


The inflaming retarding phosphate chemical such as ammonium polyphosphate,monoammonium phosphate are growing fast due to its low smoke,nonpoisonous,excellent performance.The developed countries have apply these chemical 3% higher than other Halogen flame retardant.It is expected to reach 9% growth rate in the near future.


The phosphate chemicals in pharmaceutical,electronic application get faster development than before.


Totally speaking,the phosphate chemicals in the future should meet the special requirement of each different application area,and should research more new types of phosphate chemical or do some improvement based on the single phosphate chemical,meanwhile,take more research on the quality improvement and cost reduction.According to the increase cost of raw material,energy and labour cost,the phosphate chemical industry are gradually change transfer to the phosphate mine base.And with the development of upturn living standards,there are more chance for the developing countries such as China,Brazil and India.

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