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The different types of phosphate. release time: 2022-08-09

The different types of phosphate.


It is generally specify phosphate as the compound of PO4. According with the quantity and methods of compound,it could be divided in to orthophosphate and polyphosphate.Orthophosphate is the inorganic phosphate which formed by PO43-,(HPO4)2- and H2PO4- with different metal positive ion.


According with different chemical constitution,the inorganic phosphate could be divided into sodium phosphate,potassium phosphate,ammonium phosphate,calcium phosphate,magnesium phosphate,Iron phosphate,manganese phosphate,nickle phosphate etc.


According with different chemical construction,the inorganic phosphate could be divided into orthphosphate,polyphosphate(Polyphosphate, metaphosphate, pyrophosphate, superphosphate,Cyclic or reticular phosphate).The polyphosphate is polymerized by the orthophosphate.


According with different application,the inorganic phosphate id divided into industrial grade,food grade,feed grade,fertilizer grade,electronic grade, reagent grade etc.


In these above different types,fertilizer grade phosphate takes up about 87% which is the most.7% applied for feed additive,3.4% is applied for detergent,0.8% for food additive,0.3% for metal treatment,0.4% for water treatment,0.2% for toothpaste,others about 1%.

Till now,the earliest and the widest type is sodium phosphate,including orthophosphate and polyphosphate.The orthophosphate is about 15 different types.The second widest type is calcium phsophate,such as dicalcium phosphate,monocalcium phosphate.

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