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How did phosphate fertilizer work on plants release time: 2022-08-05

How did phosphate fertilizer  work on plants

P,N,K are three necessary elements for plants.The content of P(Calculated by P2O5 )in the plants is about 0.2%-1.1%.The mass fraction of P2O5 is about 0.3%-0.4% for most of the plants,which divided into inorganic P and organic P.Organic P takes part of 85% in the form of Nucleic acid, phospholipid, phosphate ester, phytin etc.Organic P takes part of 15% in the form of phosphate chemical with Ca,Mg,K.When the plants lack of P,which is means inorganic P obviously dropping,however,inorganic P nearly no change.

P is not only the components of many important compound such as Nucleic acid, phospholipid, phosphate ester, phytin,enzyme etc.but also the participant of metabolism.P could improve the resistance and adaptability of the plants and also take effects on the growth and quality.

The symposium of phosphorous deficiency or excessive is much complicated.In general,the deficiency will restrain metabolism which lead to short and sluggish growth.The leaves are dark green or gray green or occur fuchsia stripes and spots,or abscission.The excessive phosphorous improve the breath of plants which consume lots of energy,and lead to precocity and minus the output and quality.

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