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Phosphate Fertilizer release time: 2022-08-04

Phosphate Fertilizer

There are 16 necessary elements for plants cultivation

During the 16 elements,the mass fraction of the first 9 is more than 1,which is called mass elements;The other 7 is less,which is called micro elements.

C,O,H are originated from air and water which are much easy to get.The other 13 are originate from the soil.The lack elements of the soil shall be replenished by fertilizer.

N,P,K these three elements are in huge demand by plants.However,the soil is very hard to meet this requirement and need to be replenished each season.Henceforth,we called N,P,K as the basic three elements.Chemical fertilizer is the way to supply these basic elements.

The modern phosphate chemical fertilizer is an industry to produce inorganic phosphate fertilizer.There are three types.

The first type is acidic phosphate fertilizer,which is apply sulfuric acid,phosphoric acid,hydrochloric  acid,Nitric acid to react with phosphate mine,such as Monoammonium phosphate,diammonium phosphate,super phosphate,triple super phosphate,nitirc phosphate etc.

The second type is hotway phosphate fertilizer,which is dissolve phosphate mine in high temperature,such as calcium magnesium phosphate and defluorinated phosphate.

Another type such as compound fertilizer ,bulk blend fertilizer,water soluble fertilizer,which are further process of the first and second type.

The way of phosphate fertilizer is the process to revert the insoluble phosphate into soluble phosphate.The P in the phosphate fertilizer is divided into soluble P,insoluble P and critic acid P.Water soluble P and critic acid P are called effective P.By the content of P2O5,we usually called diammonium phosphate,monoammonium phosphate,triple super phosphate as high concentration phosphate fertilzier,and clarified single super phosphate.calcium magnesium phosphate as low concentration phosphate.

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