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Yellow Phosphate and phosphorous Acid release time: 2022-07-29

There is no P existed as Elements,instead,it is existed by different kinds of phosphate chemical.

P is the V in periodic table.The Atomic number is 15th,and the atomic weight is 30.9386.

There are several Allotropic structures of P,the most common type is α-White Phosphate,which is white or colorless Waxy Solid,when heating into 44.1 Centigrade will change to Liquid.

The purity of White Phosphate is 99.9%,as there is some impurity or illumination,will change to red phosphate.

White phosphate is in light yellow color,and that is how the nameYellow Phosphate” come.

When illuminate the yellow phosphate by 260 centigrade,it will change to red phosphate

When burning the yellow phosphate in purified air and by water absorption,then the high purity phosphorous acid is produced.

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