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Phosphate mine Conversion release time: 2022-07-28

The known Phosphate mine is more than 120 in the natural world.However,the quality and quantity which could be used is not much.The mine we used for industrial application is mainly Apatite,then other phosphorite.

The content of Phosphate apatite,China and Russia use P2O5 (WP2O5)to express.USA,England and other African countries used TPL(Triphosphate of Line,WTPL )and BPL(Pnephosphate of Line,WBPL ) to express. The conversion of these two units are as the followings,


80%WBPL=80%WTPL=36.6%WP2O5=16%wp (Wp means the content of P)

The conversion could also be change to these following formula:

WP2O5 *2.1852=WTPL=WBPL


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