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Dipotassium phosphate(DKP)

 Dipotassium phosphate(DKP)

化学式(Chemical formula):K2HPO4,  K2HPO4.3H2O 

CAS No.:7758-11-4

分子量(Molecular Weight):228.22(N=3),174.17(N=0)


Property:white crystal or formless powder. It is soluble in water easily, slightly soluble in alcohol.Strong absorption of moisture.When anhydrous product heated to 204°C.It will be dehydrated into tetra potassium pyrophosphate. The PH of 1% aqueous solution is about 9.

技术指标(Technical Specifications):







Chemical Industry:

Used as a high efficient,  K and P compound water soluble fertilizer, also as a basic raw material for NPK fertilizers. The raw material for producing potassium pyrophosphate.

Food Industry

Used as additive in the coffee creamers substitute and as nutrient in various powdered materials (stabilizer (emulsifier) in non-dairy creamers, bodybuilding drinks). For the preparation of the pasta with alkaline materials, fermentation agent, flavoring agent, leavening agent dairy mild alkaline agent, yeast starter, used as buffering agent. Also used as feed additives.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Used as nutrient in microorganism cultures to produce antibiotics, animalcule, Bacteria culture medium and as a in certain pharmaceuticals. Also be used as talc iron removal agent, pH regulator.

包装:本产品包装采用内塑外编,每袋净重25 Kg/ 50Kg ,贮于通风干燥处。

Package:Plastic woven bag. Net weight 25 Kg、 50Kg 、1000Kg , store at a cool, dry and well ventilated place.

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