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Monocalcium phosphate(MCP)

Monocalcium phosphate(MCP)

化学式(Chemical formula:Ca(H2PO4)2

CAS No.:7758-23-8

分子量(Molecular Weight):234.05


Property:white monoclinic crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless.

技术指标(Technical Specifications):


Uses:since most aquatic animal take in feed phosphate through rectum,it is necessary to give it soluble phosphate form.The biological availability of monocalcium phosphate is more higher thanother feed phosphate.It is auxiliary feed for aquatic animal,poultry and livestock.It can promote feed digestion,put on animal's weight,raise laying rate or producting milk rate,cure disease such as rickets,osteomalacia etc.

包装:本产品包装采用内塑外编,每袋净重25 Kg/ 50Kg ,贮于通风干燥处。

Packing:Plastic woven bag. Net weight 25 Kg、 50Kg ,1000KG, store at a cool, dry and well ventilated place.

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