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Monoammonium Phosphate(MAP)

Monoammonium Phosphate(MAP)

化学式(Chemical formulaNH4H2PO4      

CAS No.:7722-76-1

分子量(Molecular Weight):115

性状:白色粒状晶体, 相对密度为1.0803,熔点190℃,易溶于水,微溶于醇,不溶于酮。

Property:White crystalline free flowing solid. Density is 1.0803, melting point is 190℃. soluble in water easily, Slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in acetone.

技术指标(Technical Specifications):


是高效氮磷复合肥料,可作为叶面施肥、冲施肥、滴灌和喷灌施肥. 也用于配制N, P, K复混肥。 主要用于木材、纸张、织物作防火剂(如火柴梗和蜡烛芯的灭烬剂),纤维加工和染料工业的分散剂,搪瓷用釉药,也用作防火涂料添加剂、干粉灭火剂、印刷制版等。 在食品工业中用作发酵剂、调节剂、缓冲剂等。也用作动物饲料添加剂。还用于医药制造。


As a high effective non-chloride N, P compound fertilizer in agriculture, 100% water soluble fertilizer.For the fertigation , foliar application, drip irrigation and spray irrigation. Its total nourishment (N+P2O5) is at 73%, and also used as a basic raw material for N, P and K compound fertilizer.As a fire-prevention agent for fabric, timber and paper, dispersant for fiber processing and dyestuff industry, enamels for enamel,as well as used for fire retardant coating, dry powder for fire extinguisher. and printing plate making industries. In the food industry: as leavening agent, dough regulator, yeast food, brewing fermentation additives and buffering agent, and so on. Also used as Animal feed additives and in industry of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

包装:本产品包装采用内塑外编,每袋净重25 Kg/ 50Kg ,贮于通风干燥处。

Package:Plastic woven bag. Net weight 25 Kg、 50Kg 、1000Kg , store at a cool, dry and well ventilated place.

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