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Urea Phosphate(UP)

Urea Phosphate(UP)

化学式(Chemical formulaH3PO4·CO(NH2)2

CAS No.:4401-74-5

分子量(Molecular Weight):158.06


Property:White crystal, easily soluble in water, but not in organic solution, melting point is 117.3℃,its water solution is strongly acidic, PH of 1% solution is 1.89, It has got bad heat stability and easily decomposed when heated.

技术指标(Technical Specifications):


Usesage:Mainly used as a high quality feed addtitive, a high quality acid N, P compound fertilizer with ureic nitrogen. It is suitable for alkaline soil, also used fire retardant agent, finishing agent for metal, fermentation nourishment, cleaning agent and flux for purifying phosphoric acid

包装:本产品包装采用内塑外编,每袋净重25 Kg/ 50Kg ,贮于通风干燥处。

Packing:Plastic woven bag. Net weight 25 Kg、 50Kg 、1000Kg , store at a cool, dry and well ventilated place.

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